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Thanks to all the mentors in my life!

I remember coming to the realization I had a mentor.  I had learned about mentorship and was grappling with the concept and wondering if I should find a mentor.  It was an epiphany to then realize I already had one! Brian Hennen had been a mentor over those initial early years in practice, but I didn’t fully appreciate the role he had taken in my life at that time.  He recommended I chair a national CFPC committee when he was president.  He encouraged me to pursue an academic career and hired me in my first full time position at Western.  He saw things in me I didn’t. He supported, nurtured, opened doors, nudged and challenged me to do my best for many years after that. I am so grateful for the formal and informal mentors I have had, both in family medicine and beyond.  I often think of them – Mary Ellen Kirk, Wayne Weston, Karen Mann, Kent Stobart.  I have tried to pass it forward too.  I am so appreciative for their kindness, wisdom, direction and advice.  I highly recommend having a mentor. Often you just have to ask!