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Thank you so much, Dr. Dawson and the OVFHT!

I can’t thank my family physician enough — Dr. Charlotte Dawson, you quite literally changed my life!


As a young woman I knew my body quite well, after all I was a competitive athlete from an early age. So when I began experiencing fatigue, muscle soreness, pain, and couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed I knew something was wrong. I spent years, literally years, explaining this to my Doctor at the time to no avail. I walked away with many requisitions for therapy, which was extremely helpful, but did nothing to help my symptoms.


One visit to Dr. Dawson and we were well on our way to two diagnosis that very much explained my symptoms. With treatment and an amazing network of support with the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team I am feeling better than ever. I am back to my old self and I couldn’t be more grateful for the support and care offered to me by Dr. Dawson, Steph (my therapist), Janine (my dietician) and the rest of the amazing people at OVFHT.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!