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Forging My Path in Timmins, Ontario!

Having the opportunity to study medicine in the Northern Ontario community of Timmins was an exceptional privilege that I do not take for granted. Throughout my time there, I had the opportunity to witness the diverse and comprehensive role of rural family physicians. Regardless of the setting, from clinic to the emergency department, and no matter the delivery, from an office visit to an informal grocery store conversation, it was evident the positive impact that rural family physicians have upon their community.

I cannot thank my Timmins preceptors enough. The unwavering passion that emanated from them enriched my learning experiences beyond measure. These experiences not only solidified my passion for medicine but have also fueled my desire to pursue rural generalism.

In Timmins, I discovered what it means to be a dedicated, compassionate family physician, a role I am eager to embrace as I embark on my own journey in medicine. I aspire to follow in the footsteps of my incredible Timmins preceptors, embodying social accountability within the community that I live in and serve.